On January 5th, 1933: The Golden Gate Bridge was born

Golden Gate Bridge

Golden Gate Bridge, By Aaron Logan, from http://www.lightmatter.net/gallery/albums.php {{cc-by}

The Golden Gate Bridge is more than just a landmark. It is the stuff dreams are made of – the dreams of California – the dreams of San Francisco. It is famous all over the world and one of the great achievements of engineering in its building time. For a long time it was thought it couldn’t be built at all.

But exactly 80 years ago on this day, its construction started – and on May, 27th 1937, the opening day (here are a few transcriptions of newspaper articles about the opening), it had proofed wrong all those who had doubted. There it stands, till today, a wonderful, intricate artwork of steel and human creativity and skill.

I have searched for a few interesting links to celebrate this:

Here is a timeline of construction for you.

Read an interesting article about the history of the bridge: “The Golden Gate: ‘The bridge that couldn’t be built'”.

Enjoy a wonderful 360° panorama view in High Definition or take virtual walks.

Follow “A  guide to San Francisco in 1937, when the Golden Gate Bridge opened”, an insightful article from The Atlantic.

NPR provides an amazing podcast about the opening day: “Walk this way. Crossing the Golden Gate Bridge.” And Wired has a deliciously interesting article with a lot of links: “May 27, 1937: A Bridge over the Gate? Are you crazy?”

There are also a lot of stunning photos on the web, like the LIFE photo essay “Orange Crush: Life with the Golden Gate Bridge”, this very unusual one from Wharholian.com called “Urban decay on a day with the Golden Gate” and this great one from the Trans-americas.com Travel Blog.

At last, watch a wonderful documentary about its history and construction, with a lot of historical material, ca. 1950s.

And if your curiosity still isn’t satisfied, visit the Research Library Page of the Golden Gate Bridge Homepage or the PBS page dedicated to the history of the bridge.


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